7 - 13 October

BirdLife South Africa's Seabird Division is at the forefront of national and global seabird conservation.

By holding the annual 'Save our Seabird Festival' at the Iziko Museums of South Africa, Cape Town, they aim to educate people about the threats seabirds face. The festival does not only focus on seabirds but highlights and addresses issues relevant to the entire marine environment, reflected through the Festivals strapline Save our Oceans, Save Our Seabirds The SOS Festival is a National Marine Week initiative.

Join in, view the current entries, and support BirdLife South Africa in doing what they do best: saving birds through saving habitat.

If you are interested in getting involved, please read our GUIDE to find out what you can do, or click the donate button below to support the BirdLife South Africa Seabird Division.

Track the African Penguins

This year we have added a site to track several African Penguins to see where they go after breeding. Click the 'Track the African Penguins' heading above to see where these penguins go. For moer information on the African Penguin Tracking Research Project please download the FACT SHEET

BookingsFestival Events

Please use: http://www.sosfestival.co.za/event/booking for booking online.

For enquiries, please contact:
Christina Hagen
Tel: 021 419 7347
Email: christina.hagen@birdlife.org.za